7 de outubro de 2009

euro-american metaphysics

"Do we want to apprehend and enact non-coherent multiplicities? Euro-American metaphysics, in so far as they are carried in natural and social science, usually say 'no'. Or, to be more precise, they propose a division of labour between science and art. Or between external realities and personal experiences. Poetry or painting or novels may escape the requirements for coherence and consistency because their 'out-there', the absence they enact, is not taken to be 'real'. It is not 'really out-there' - and in the imagination non-coherence is allowed as a possibility. So individuals are authorized to dream without any requirement of consistency. But realities are more serious. They demand singularity, and singularity demands experts, a single point of view. Non-coherent realities disappear into art, or the real of the personal."
Law, J. *

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  1. * 2004. After Method: mess in social science reaserch. London, Routledge: 98.